Working as standalone architects, or alongside our build team, Make offer architecture and design that is alternative to traditional practices. Not only do we provide architectural services for every RIBA stage, we also have the added benefit of calling upon our build team to assist with costing, build methodology, and site administration. This close working relationship enables us to deliver a high-quality service, that is better value for our Clients and a more rewarding experience for all involved.

Make are Passivhaus members which means we uphold a fabric first principle. In essence, creating an airtight yet well-ventilated building that is super-insulated, utilising the very best doors and windows before adding expensive ‘bolt on’ technology.

From the overall concept and site master plan all the way down to the detailed construction junction of a purpose-made kitchen, we are design fanatics who live for first-class design.

Every project is overseen by a fully qualified Architect. We enjoy being challenged and we hold honest communication with our Clients, consultants and tradesmen above all else throughout the project. Our design reputation is built upon award-winning low energy new builds, ‘Passivhauses’, barn conversions, and the extension and refurbishment of period properties. We pride ourselves of being able to work with Clients to create great quality places that will be loved for many years to come.