Working as a principle builder, or alongside our in-house design team to offer Design and Build services; Make offer an approach that is different to many traditional builders.

Prior to founding Make, the Directors worked on managing the design and build of major national building projects. Make was formed with the idea of bringing this experience to the domestic market.

Make is a Chartered Building Company, a member of the National Federation of Builders and is a member of the Building Safety Group.

Make does not have a set project type or procurement route. Every project is different. Our projects typically range between £200k and £2m in value. However, we often undertake projects outside of this range. Make is interested in challenging, well designed, often unusual projects. The value of the project is secondary to these factors and the Client relationship.



On every project Make shall:

  • Provide you with a fixed price contract. Crucially we will honour our commitments.
  • Provide a comprehensive build programme and end date.
  • Ensure a Director is allocated to personally oversee the project.
  • Produce a project book detailing the final design, specification, programme and costs.
  • Provide a guarantee for the works.

All Make site staff are first aid trained, CSCS registered and have all necessary Health and Safety training.

The success of any project often comes down to the personalities involved. Make have carefully built a team of like minded people who enjoy each others company, but also have the ability to challenge each other.

The team is an honest bunch, with a proactive attitude who enjoy the process of designing and building, just as much as the final product.