Make was founded in 2013 by Mike Teeling and Matt Church with a simple aim, to create buildings to be proud of.

The process is just as important as the end-product.

We strongly believe that buildings are compromised by a fragmented design and build process. It is for this reason we preach the early engagement of designers, specialist consultants and craftsmen.

To deliver a project well there must be equality and a shared vision across the team.

We are equally content to deliver the process in-house or in partnership with other consultants or builders. Our aim is to be involved in high quality one-off projects, we love the variety that this brings and tailor our service to each project.

Design to a brief.

Key to the design is delivering to the project brief. As a practice, we may politely challenge your requirements, but ultimately, we will design a building to your brief, not our own agenda.

Build with honesty.

Early craftsmen involvement is key to building trust with our clients. Make was formed to change the perception of the building industry. We will provide a fixed price. We will deliver on time. We will deliver a high-quality building.

Provided we are engaged at an early stage we are happy to be held to account on our promises.

Defining value.

Despite being design-led, we understand the pressures and practicality of delivering to a budget. We are flexible and pro-active, continuously looking for ways to do things better, quicker and cheaper. However, we do not define value for money as the cheapest price.

We believe in buildings that will stand the test of time, this starts with good design.