We understand Passivhaus and low energy buildings

Construction and sustainability may sound like an oxymoron, and there are times that it is. But there are instances when the two are integrated, they complement each other to create something extraordinary. 

Low energy, high quality design

It’s well known that a Passivhaus can only be delivered through careful design and crucially, by thoughtful and careful construction by a properly skilled and motivated construction team. For us it is the norm.


Whether your project is striving for Passivhaus certification or not, the principles can be applied to all new projects; ensuring your house is energy efficient for years to come.

Passive House with zinc and timber cladding in garden with glass balcony

Passivhaus Principles

Passivhaus buildings are designed to use vastly less energy than a conventional building without compromising on comfort or health. MAKE are one of very few construction companies in the UK who have successfully delivered projects to full Passivhaus certification.

Passive house or passivhaus residence with cotswold stone and timber cladding overlooking meadow and woodland from large glass windows with large bush bottom left