The Feasibility Study

Posted February 09, 2018

We’ve made it through January, the days are getting lighter, pay day has finally come around again and all those half-hearted resolutions to eat less biscuits have fallen by the wayside… so now you can start thinking about the things you really want to change in 2018!

If one of those things is space, that’s where we at Make come in. Maybe you want to tweak your existing accommodation; make it bigger, make it greener, make it more you. Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a run-down project-property that you have a vision of turning into your forever home. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect site for that French-inspired bistro you’ve always dreamt of running. Whatever your idea, it’s important to know whether it’s feasible, or what it might take to make it so.

Make was founded with the aim of transforming the stereotypically negative image of the construction industry and helping you achieve your building goals. We will provide a fixed price. We will deliver on time. We will deliver a high-quality building.

With this in mind, at the beginning of every project, we produce a standalone document that we call a ‘Feasibility Study’. After meeting with you to understand your brief, we turn those ideas and discussions into a study which includes several sketch design options, a price estimate and a milestone programme which tracks project stages from concept to completion. This allows you to compare several design options against time, cost and quality.

Despite being design-led, we understand the pressures and practicality of delivering to a budget, so are flexible and proactive in our approach, continuously looking to do things better, quicker and cheaper, without compromising the end product or value for money. To this end, we often find that clients ask us to combine design options together to create an optimum solution.


Make were commissioned to appraise the feasibility of modernising and extending an existing farm house. We produced several illustrated and costed design options for the brief.

Simple yet effective, vignettes capture the idea of the project at an early stage while 2D sketch plans allow you to see the amount of space you are getting, and what furniture might fit where.


3D sketch images to communicate the look and feel of the spaces, for example how a distant view has been framed and incorporated into the design, or what a double height space might feel like to be in.



The Client wanted to create an open plan kitchen dining space on the ground floor, with a separate farm kitchen which they would use to prepare and store food grown by the family. The image above looks at the open plan kitchen, the views over the landscape, and the connection between the ground floor and first floor. Upstairs they wanted a first floor living room to take average of the distant views of the Severn, and four well sized bedrooms for family and friends to stay.



Alongside possible design options, the feasibility study also includes a milestone programme. In addition to cost, completion time is an important factor in considering the viability of a project and before you start it’s worth weighing up how long you are prepared to live in a building site or enjoy the hospitality of the in-laws… Items that can greatly affect the length of the programme include major design decisions, specifying bespoke products and a drawn out or a difficult planning application. MAKE will work with you to communicate any potential risks so that by the end of the feasibility study these are known and can be mitigated or planned for before starting the next stage of the process.



In a nutshell, for the cost of less than a snazzy new TV, the feasibility study is a great tool to assess a project and give you an insight into how much bang you can get for your buck, so to speak. We work closely with our consultants, craftspeople and suppliers to ensure costings are realistic. You can use the information to speak with estate agents, mortgage advisors, etc, to help determine the viability of your scheme before investing in planning applications or full design services. And it also provides the good foundation to build on should you want to move your project forward.


If you have a project that would benefit from some free initial advice or would like to discuss booking a feasibility study, get in touch using the details below.